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Generate UML diagrams for your PHP code.

This tool wil generate UML diagrams with all class, interface and trait definitions in your PHP project without depending on autoloaders. Instead it uses the PHP Abstract Language Tree from php-parser to build the class graph.

The project is divided in 2 tools. One parses all your PHP code and generates a new directory structure containing JSON files. The other parses the JSON structure and generates .dot files for Graphviz. Then you can use the Graphviz toolkit to render the diagrams to your image format of choice.

If you happen to choose the SVG output format and defined a documentation module for generate:dot the class and method names will be clickable and lead to the defined URLs. The repo currently contains a documentation module for

Our diagrams

We generate two types for now

  • UML using GraphViz as a render engine.
  • An animation based on information from the indexed files.

Example output.

This is some example output generated from the Drupal 8 master branch. Some rendering issues may occur because of broken SVG renderers in browsers. All methods and properties are clickable and link to the Drupal 8 api documentation website.

ShellException from Symfony Finder

OopFilter from uml-generator-php

Below is a self graph of /src only.

You could try to run this Drupal graph but it needs a heavy system.

Or this less heavy self graph.

Installation instructions.

Clone the git repository

$ git clone

Install composer dependencies

$ cd uml-generator-php
$ composer install

And install graphviz with your package manager of choise or from git.
uml-generator-php requires graphviz versions later than 15 September 2013 (See issue #16)

Usage example.

Parse PHP into json

To parse your source tree for Classes, Interfaces and Traits run

$ bin/uml-generator-php generate:json /Users/clemens/Sites/drupal/d8/www tests/output

To exclude directories or files you can use the --skip parameter (use it multiple times to exclude more directories or files) The path provided to --skip should be a path relative to the input directory.

To generate only the json files for a subdirectory set the input to your project root like normal and use the --only flag to set a directory relative to the input to scan. The --only flag can be used multiple times to generate json for more directories or files.

Generate DOT files

Next generate their dot files by running

$ bin/uml-generator-php generate:dot -p --documenter drupal tests/output

The --documenter parameter set the Documentation subclass used to generate the urls for all clickable elements in the SVG output. currently only the DrupalDocumentation class is provided. This class generates urls for all fields, classes and methods to the drupal api website. Read the create your own documenter page to learn how to add your own documenter.

The -p (or --parents) flag enables including the parent classess and interfaces into the generated SVG output.

You may notice the 'Not found: '. For more info see #50

Generate SVG files

find tests/output -type f -name "*.dot" -exec dot -Tsvg -O {} \;

This command runs the dot command from the graphviz package for every generated .dot file in the tests/output directory.

Run from config file

Uml-generator-php supports running from a config file in your project root. Create the file .uml-generator-php.yml in your project root with the contents:

# Required
outputdir: tests/output  # The output directory relative to the project root

# Optional
    enabled: true  # Include parents classes, interfaces and traits in svg output (default false)
    depth: 10  # Add max 10 parents of depth per SVG file (default PHP_MAX_INT)

    - tests  # Skip the tests directory in your project root

    - src/commands  # Only parse the files in src/commands

legacy: true  # Enable legacy output for graphiz 2.28 (default false)

After creating the config file run uml-generator-php anywhere in your project:

$ uml-generator-php run